Using Stem Cells to Treat Arthritis

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Stem cell therapy is a new method of treating diseases like Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and inflammatory disorders of the immune system. stem cell therapy utilizes stem cells taken from a person's own body. Other stem cells originate from umbilical cords, bone marrow, or other sources inside the body. Stem cell therapy is a new treatment that some prominent health experts are recommending as an alternative to other treatments. Stem cells produced naturally in the bone marrow are believed to be beneficial in several areas including diabetes and cancer. Scientists have discovered that a bone marrow transplant is often effective in dealing with some forms of chronic diseases like Alzheimer's disease. Stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from your own body and donating them to clinics where they are grown and stored until you need them. Stem cell therapy was first used more than a decade ago to treat diseases like leukemia and other forms of cancer. Since then, various additional treatments using embryonic stem cells for transplants have also become popular. Different human stem cells are now being used in virtually every area of medicine, from Alzheimer's disease to arthritis to spinal injuries and sickle cell disease. Get more info on functional medicine walnut creek ca. In addition, many clinics are now offering a combination of different cell types, such as embryonic stem cells combined with others. Whatever the source of the stem cells used in the treatments, there are now a variety of uses for these specialized cells in medicine. Stem cell therapy is used to treat diseases and conditions with a short recovery time, such as those that affect the immune system or skin tissue. The treatments are less invasive than other transplant methods, and patients can experience a faster return to normal health than with other options available. For instance, stem cell therapy has revolutionized the field of drug treatment, replacing ineffective or harmful drugs with regenerative stem cells that help heal the body. Patients undergoing this treatment experience a shorter recovery time after receiving the treatments, and researchers have found that the treatments can even work on their own to fight off viruses and infections. Another use for stem cell therapy is using the cells to treat serious diseases and disorders. Stem cell research has helped scientists gain valuable knowledge about how the immune system functions, which has helped many to develop effective treatments for a wide variety of diseases. Click to learn more about Apex Advanced Medicine. Some of the diseases that stem cell therapy can help treat include Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, infertility, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and hepatitis. There are a number of other diseases and disorders that stem cell therapy researchers are currently working on. This knowledge is essential to developing better treatments for these illnesses and others. Scientists have already begun to test stem cell therapy in humans, with the hopes of using stem cells to treat arthritis in the future. If successful, this would be a major boon for those who suffer from this painful disease, and it might also provide an effective solution for other forms of arthritis. In addition to helping arthritis sufferers, this method could be a huge boon to the medical industry as well, as the use of stem cells to treat arthritis opens up new treatment possibilities for many types of medical conditions. Learn more from